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Eliminate bad hires, reduce employee turnover and accelerate executive development to increase profitability.

We are a full service business building firm with a focus on future-proofing people for the 21st century.

We engineer people for success to jumpstart exponential growth in business.

We solve the biggest problems in business by eliminating bad hires, reducing employee turnover and accelerating executive development for employees in companies across a wide spectrum of industries – both public and private.

We offer Biometric Pre-employment Screening℠, Business Executive Training℠ and Business Executive JumpStart℠ to engineer people for success and companies for exponential growth.

By eliminating bad hires and reducing employee turnover with a proprietary biometric prescreening technology, the companies we work with can focus their attention on growth rather than using the “old-school” hiring and firing methodology to find the best people for their company.

As a result of our work, companies increase profitability, reduce operational cost and build growth-oriented business cultures.

Our mission is future-proofing people for the 21st century – and beyond.

Our Value Proposition

Great hires

Low turnover

Minimal recruitment work

Safe applicant interviews

Safe workplace

Cohesive workforce

Higher productivity

Higher profitability

Far greater sales

More innovation

More competitiveness

Rapid growth

Greater financial success

Long-term financial security

Enhance your people. Make your company invincible.

Enhance your people. Make your company invincible.

We exist for a business owner or employer like you, who needs a superior competitive advantage in the global hyper-competitive marketplace.

We provide business owners and employers world-class business solutions to problems that historically have not been solved. This includes:

We exist for a business owner or employer like you, who needs a superior competitive advantage in the global hyper-competitive marketplace.

We provide business owners and employers world-class business solutions to problems that historically have not been solved. This includes:

Bottom line, at the end of the day, if you have the ability to hire correctly, position people in the right jobs, increase their mental processing, reduce their stress, the result of this work is:

Predicting job performance before the hire

Assigning employees to jobs that match their personality – thus reducing organizational churn

Greatly increasing mental health in the workplace

Reducing stress in the day-to-day operations of people

Access your vision We see three main futures colliding on planet earth in the 2020s. These are:

Reimagine the future

Reimagine the future

1. The Operational Future
2. The Technological Future
3. The Humanistic Future

Each of the three futures speaks to distinct group of human beings, and each one has a specific way of relating to physical reality and the people that occupy it. Our long-term objective is to be the integrator and “glue” between these futures and architect a harmonious reality through the development of people on the path of executing exponential companies.

Execute your mission

 WAYOBE develops operational language and accesses the latent intelligence of the human brain to jumpstart highly innovative big picture thinking and mental processing for individuals who lead and grow businesses. Through our system we not only enable Owners and their employees to build exponential companies – we ultimately exist to transition to a Humanistic Future that builds a thriving and integrated planetary ecosystem.

Open source your culture

Our cultural philosophy is that people are the ultimate asset. Our culture is based in the idea that without well trained, highly functional, performing and imaginative people true innovation does not happen.

Thus, rather than focusing solely on the development of tools and technology our primary cultural objective is to deliver real-time training for Owners and their employees to enhance people at all levels of organization.

We operate from the simple idea that when great people work with other great people, non-linear events are understood, adapted to and used as a way to continue the exponential growth process.

Apply our technology

What is our technology that enables us to solve the biggest problems in business?

The technology behind our work is based on The Harmonious Entity Operating System™ (THEOS™) developed by our Founder over a 20 year developmental process working with hundreds of companies globally.

Our Process

While our process varies from client to client our general process is as follows:

1. Implement Employee Biometric Pre-Screening systems to eliminate bad hires and consistently hire performers and top performers.

2. Reduce employee turnover and operational cost.

3. Engineer people for success through the Business Executive Training™ system.

4. Create an environment for exponential growth.

5. Future-proof people for the 21st century through the Biometric Executive Training™.

Our programs and services

Engineer people for success: Business Executive Training™

Future-proof your people for the 21st century: Biometric Executive Training™

Eliminate bad hires: Employee Biometric PreScreening™

Grow your business: Fractal Business Building™

Implement your brand: Brand Design & Implementation™


Let’s enhance you and your people together.

Core Competencies

Biometric Staff Assessment™

Biometric Pre-Employment Screening™

Business Executive Training™

Organic Business Building™

Brand Design & Implementation

What our clients say

I recommend the Consulting team at Wayobe to anyone looking to move their business to the next level, no matter what level your business is currently at. It will be your best decision ever.

Kelly Enston | CEO, KellyKinetix

Great people to have on your business team. The Business Executive Training™ is essential for small business to scale and have it all work. Thank you for the value you offer small businesses.

Kunwar Pal | CEO, Kanair

You’ve given me confidence, clarity and tools that I was missing for growing my business with integrity. I tell everyone I come across, Business Executive Training™ is a program that every entrepreneur should take. Thank you for the continued support in developing my business.

Rigo Guadron | CEO, OrbitWeb

We build great companies with great people