We say that every human being has a place to live, develop, grow, contribute, and make a difference in our integrated global culture.

Our culture creates a world where no one is left out. Towards this future, we dedicate all that we are.

This world creates a synergy that acts as a platform for this world to work for each and every human being, thus building a better world.

In this world, we live from a simple, yet powerful recognition that:

Our thoughts, intentions, and actions impact every other human being Everyone creates and lives a life of their choosing Every human being finds their own way and place in this civilization Everyone learns, grows, develops and contributes continuously

We live a life that matters, making a powerful, positive difference We create and provide that which is wanted and needed in this world Each human being can experience satisfaction, integrity, and fulfillment in their life and work from choice

There is already everything present in this world for each and every human being – with nothing missing.


We are groups of harmonious, functioning, interdependent corporations, organizations, and systems located throughout the world: aligned in building and having a better world and fulfilling upon our Vision. We support each other to develop, grow, flourish, and prosper throughout the globe.

There is and always will be more room at the top because in our structure: We are continually growing and expanding our foundation, support, and base even as we reach for new levels

We keep inventing, building, and reaching the next level – and the next level thereafter.

We leverage already existing resources while inventing, creating, and maintaining new resources. In many instances, we will have generated and grown a new market for our services, products, and resources.

We never stop generating opportunities for those who will do what it takes to get us all to the next level.


We conduct ourselves and our operations inside of the following core values:


Causing a new reality and opportunity to generate a compelling future. 

Appreciating the present and acknowledging the past – without being bound by the past and what is already present.


Firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

Relationship between two points that allows power to occur.

Recognition of the unlimited power of the other (People, Places, Planet, Self).

Supporting and being supported.

Creating integrity and causing it.


Distinguishing what is so and making a difference with the resources that are already available.

Sending and receiving complete communications without judgment or reaction.

Complete active listening.


Being humble.

Having a modest opinion or estimate of our importance even as we grow and develop ourselves to be the best of the best.

Realizing there is always someone or something above us.

Acknowledging there is always something we do not yet know.


Taking effective actions and empowering others to take actions that make a difference.

The ability to make and keep a promise.


The capacity to bring creativity and play to any scenario.

Breaking through the limitations of traditional practices.

Generating and sharing enjoyment, delight, and playfulness.


Being present and doing what you are doing, while you are doing it.


Talk and communicate with people (and new people) everywhere.

Listen to people and observe what they do.

Open up communications.

Create an environment where the truth can be told.

Get cleared and get present to what is so without reaction.

Clear people and find out what is needed and wanted.

Create and provide value.

Deliver what is wanted and needed to those who want it.

Be compensated well for the value delivered.

Have great fun while doing it.

Be good to people.

Discover, find and create people who can grow and develop with you.

Train them even as you enhance yourself further.

Create, build, reach your next level with their support – and support of others.

Have them take over your old positions and posts as you move up.

Share the next level even as you build it.

Keep moving up together.

Have fun and live well.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Take care of each other.

Always set goals, both short and long-term, and do what is required to achieve your goals.

Create the game and meet your objectives.

Recreate the game when your objectives are met Keep playing.

Never quit.

Remember that enthusiasm and fun in life is not made in achieving your goals, but setting them, and striving for them.

The point is playing the game Play and have fun.



The interchange of ideas between two or more points across time, space, form and distance – and beyond time, form, space, and distance – such that:

The sender can send the idea completely

The receiver is able to receive the concept, and duplicate it completely

The receiver is able to send a reply, that shows the sender that the sender’s idea is heard or experienced

Space or time passes, and the opportunity for more communication opens up


The quality or ability of a human being who is able to:

Take, cause, or supervise activities and actions of oneself and/or of another

Track a series of actions of oneself or another, and give reporting of it

Give a statement explaining the actions of oneself or another Be willing to accept the consequences for actions of oneself or that of another

Acknowledge and account for the consequences of your strategies, choices, actions, products, services, decisions, and policies of the whole such that: The next appropriate actions and/or corrective actions are taken

People and things are accounted for Appropriate intentions are fulfilled


A job, duty, honor, or obligation that one is consciously aware of such that one is able and willing to:

Know it, or get to know it

Reach for it, or choose to reach for it

Truly care for it

Own it

Be aware of it, or be willing to become aware of all of the consequences that come from it

Authentically choose this job, duty, honor, and/or obligation

Know between what is right for it and wrong for it Assume the role that is required for it

Take actions that are appropriate for it Invent and cause results for that job, duty, honor or obligation that are consistent to it

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