Solving the BIGGEST problem in business

By Julian Wayobe

By Julian Wayobe

This article is directed at CEOs, hiring managers, entrepreneurs and business owners wanting to have a remarkable advantage with how they hire new employees. It can also be extended to bringing on-board new team members and partners.

Imagine you had access to a tool that enabled your company to solve the biggest problem in business that no major corporation – or any company for that matter – has been able to solve. Not Walmart. Not Apple. Not Google. Not MTN. Not Shoprite. Not Tesla. No one.

This problem is so big and so important to fix that when the solution is implemented it will fundamentally transform who we hire, our level of performance at work and the breakthrough results we will be able to deliver.

So what is this problem?

The problem is predicting job performance before-the-hire. While corporations have indirectly spent hundreds of billions of dollars on the problem by utilizing the “revolving door technique” of hiring and firing – they have no solution for it – and neither does anyone else. NOT the temp agencies, NOT employment agencies, NOT professional recruiters, NOT hiring consultants, NOT industrial psychologists, NOT the personality testing companies, NOT the executive coaches . . . NO ONE. They are all hiring blindly. What’s missing is a breakthrough solution to a very complex problem.

What’s the consistent outcome of this problem? Bad hires and employee turnover.



And what’s the #1 biggest problem in business? Bad hires and employee turnover!!!

Year-after-year, you have seen the numbers of how costly bad hires and employee turnover have been to your organization. And those direct costs don’t include the incalculable costs, such asthe loss of morale, the loss of opportunities and productivity while putting out personnel fires and doing the pre-screening grunt work of reading résumés, phone screening, as well as wasting time interviewing unsuitable job applicants, some of whom may be dangerous.

And then there are the collateral damages, which can be far greater than the above costs. Some of your clients may even have gone out of business. One-third of business bankruptcies are caused by employee theft.

Did you know Walmart in the United States wastes $25 billion per year on bad hires and employee turnover? That’s DOUBLE their profit!!! You can be sure that they have tried everything to reduce that cost –- with no success.

To be successful in hiring, you need to be able to consistently pick the 1-out-of-25 applicants who will be good hires and the 1-out-of-100+ applicants who will turn out to be top performers. By using our technology, you can give yourself the extraordinary business advantage of being able to consistently hire the very best workers – and most importantly never make a BAD HIRE again.


There are NO questions, NO answers, and thus, NO lies.


You just draw some shapes (circle, square, and triangle), write some numbers and copy some words. Basically, it is just a writing exercise. It only takes about 20 minutes. Having NO QUESTIONS, job applicants cannot “game” the test by tailoring their answers to win the job. This is the major flaw with all Question & Answer Personality Tests. Additionally, you cannot be sued for having test questions that are culturally discriminatory or unrelated to the job. As you can see, our assessment technology is a simple and practical solution to the problem of hiring well consistently and never making a bad hire again. With it we will screen out the bad hires and quickly identify the great hires. Here are some of the AMAZING BENEFITS that will accrue to your business who use our rapid screening process to consistently hire the very best workers:

1) Great Hires

2) Low Employee Turnover

3) Minimal Recruitment Work

4) Safe Applicant Interviews

5) Safe Workplace

6) Cohesive Workforce

7) Higher Productivity

8) Higher Profitability

9) Far Greater Sales

10) More Innovation

11) More Competitiveness

12) Rapid Growth

13) Greater Financial Success

14) Long-term Financial Security

Those are just the Direct Benefits of using this service. The Indirect Personal Benefits could be far greater and life altering for your business.

If you’re interested in using our technology to never make a bad hire again, email our CEO Julian Wayobe at

We look forward to working with you and upgrading your hiring process with this incredible technology so that you never make a bad hire again and only hire the very best!!!





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